Skillful Medical Practice Management 

Patient Visit - Medical Office Management

Insurance paperwork, billing, and related work no doubt overwhelm your staff. Instead of helping patients, they, and you, may be forced to see fewer patients in order to handle administrative needs. Neblett & Associates Inc. of  New York, provides complete medical practice management so that you have time to properly care for patients.


Finding the right fit for your practice is a difficult task.  You may want qualified but can only afford trainable.  With hiring the wrong person it’s that simple scenario that can be disastrous to your business.  Your staff is the first point of contact a patient encounters.  Proper phone etiquette, manners, speech, appearance, and overall knowledge will make any patient feel welcomed in your office.  Neblett and Associates selective process will find that candidate that will be an asset to your practice.

Consulting/Practice Tune-ups

Create the successful practice that you have always wanted with advice and guidance from Neblett & Associates Inc. We take a fresh look at the way your practice is currently managed. If the doctor's administration is lacking, we determine what he/she can do better and more efficiently. We show your long-time employees how to do a better job and suggest that you provide them with incentives to make work more enjoyable.


Our goal is to cut cost and increase profitability. This will allow your practice to add new specialties that will make your business grow and expand. Your earning potential will reach new heights, with Neblett & Associates Inc. the sky is the limit...

Contact our staff for services that make sure your medical practice operates efficiently.

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