Collections & Follow up

A strong and aggressive attitude and a wealth of knowledge is what Neblett and Associates brings to the table.  Insurance Companies are constantly trying their best to underpay providers with stall tactics and request for information they already have.  Our office establishes a clean claim timeline from the date the claim is submitted, received and is in processing by the insurance company. 

Collections and Follow up

With constant follow up on a daily basis we know what is needed to have that claim paid. Our office is proactive not reactive.  We have pended claims paid on the spot rather than waiting and receiving a denial 3 weeks later for the same pended claim. This speeds up the payment process, getting the money from their bank account into yours.

We also can identify when the insurance companies are holding your claims hostage. They will tell your representatives that your claims are not on file or assign bogus reference numbers. Meanwhile your claims are sitting on a 3rd party administrator desk such as Multiplan and NCN.  These companies purposely delay and try to strong-arm your office into taking substantial fee reductions.  Neblett and Associates does not tolerate these tactics and will have your claims sent back to the insurance company for immediate and proper processing. We also make sure that interest is paid by the insurance carrier for late/delayed payments.


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