Self Pay / Delinquent & Uncollectable Accounts

Self Pay Accounts

Make the payment process easier for you and your patients with self-pay accounts assistance. We handle 100 percent of the collections for your convenience. With monthly statements and affordable payment plans, we perform all notations to self pay accounts quickly and accurately so that payments are recieved in a timely matter.

Delinquent Accounts / Litigation

If you have tried unsuccessfully to get a patient to pay a bill, we resolve the issue with small-claims litigation. Punitive actions include bank levies, income execution, and wage garnishment. We guarantee a 50 percent overall collection increase through small-claims litigation.

Uncollectable Accounts

Do you have accounts you have deemed uncollectable and are about to write them off??? STOP!!!  Let us take a look at them. With our numerous contacts and vast resources we can collect on those old accounts. Call Neblett & Associates Inc. so we can help. With fresh eyes on old accounts you will be amazed at what we can do. 

We Accept All Major Credit Cards
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