Patient Retention & Referrals

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Waiting room

Every doctor wants 20 new patients a week, but what are you and your staff doing to get them and keep them?  Neblett and Associates will show you how to elevate your level of care so that you keep that patient.  A happy patient will refer friends, family and co-workers which will double your referrals.

Most doctors lose sight of the fact that their patients are of the utmost importance.  Once you are consumed by quantity over quality of care you have failed as a health care provider.  Our office encourages health care providers to focus less on only treating the pain and instead focus on treating the entire patient.  After all once the pain is gone so is the patient.  We introduce the provider to a whole new way of thinking,  which will teach each patient how to feel better, live longer and enjoy a healthier life style.

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